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Centre for Civil Society (CCS) is a public policy think tank advancing personal, social, economic and political freedoms. Our mission is to promote choice, competition and community based policy reforms.

Our unique selling point (USP) is our deliberate focus on public policy design and measures to bring about social change in key areas of inclusive growth and human development.

CCS has built a reputation for rigor, innovation, and bringing new ideas to political discourse in India. The changed climate of opinion, our awards, partnerships and policy level impact are indicators of our effectiveness. The University of Pennsylvania study released in 2012 named CCS among the top 50 non-US think tanks and among the top 20 in Asia.

Current Requirement
Academy Intern

Position Description

CCS will provide an opportunity to gain experience in and familiarity with areas such as content documentation under Academy.

Tagging of content for Indian Liberals Website
Going through Marathi works/documents and tagging them according to themes.

Proficient in reading Marathi.
Smart, Team Player and good communication skills.
STIPEND: 5000/-


Qualified candidates click here to apply for this post. Given the large volumes of applications we receive, we are unable to respond to all applicants and our responses are limited to those who are shortlisted.



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