Project Infinity

About Project

The Project Infinity is one of the prestigious projects under CIGI Talent Nurturing Centre (TNC) that is designed to create future scientists who will take lead positions in various areas of science. This is part of CIGI’s long-term vision of producing knowledgeable, skilled, and competent candidates in science disciplines.

Talent Grove conceived the idea of “Project Infinity” in the year 2014 to help students create their own future through academic and professional success. Talent Grove is a non-profit organization based in Chicago, USA. Talent Grove partnered with CIGI to execute “Project Infinity” by providing guidance and support. Through this program, Talent Grove and CIGI have been able to build a community of social workers, teachers, parents and students who deeply care about finding the passion in each student and providing them with the right resources. In the pilot phase, we selected 5 students from MM Vocational School, Calicut and in the next year, 20 students each from MM Vocational School and Calicut Girls Vocational School were selected. Apart from science training, the participants are given necessary soft skills training, lab-oriented activities and residential camps. At present, two batches are actively running, which include students of 9th and 11th standards. Project Infinity is also a registered Science Club under VIPNET (VIgyan Prasar NETwork), which is an autonomous organization under the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India.

Objectives of the Project

  • To create socially responsible future scientists who will be able to take lead positions in multiple scientific fields to serve humanity.
  • To produce knowledgeable, skilled, disciplined and competent candidates in all disciplines of science with academic excellence and character.
  • To promote scientific temper, learning inquisitiveness and humanistic values among identified school students.
  • To provide a support system for the selected students through multiple interventions, parallel and complementary to their regular schooling
  • To develop future scientists with the best character and social commitment.

Project Activities

  • Residential and Non-residential Camps
  • Fun filled science: learning scientific principles through activities and games.
  • Workshops & Institutional visits
  • Science Park and Lab visits
  • Interaction with scientists and research community
  • Science Competitions and Exhibitions
  • Build and demonstrate
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Science Articles
  • Science projects at different Levels
  • Electronics and Robotics Training, Home Lab & Space camps

Last date to register: 2022 July 20