Project Infinity

The project is to create future scientists who will be able to take the lead positions in various areas of science. This is a part of CIGI’s long term vision of producing knowledgeable, skilled, and competent enough candidates in all academic disciplines. Developing the research skills and spirit of innovation among the students in Science from school level and supervising them to demonstrate it in Science Fairs, Exhibitions and Science Talent Search Examinations. Also helping them with an adequate guidance and support to publish their Research Articles in science journals and participate in Science congress and present their innovations.


Developing curriculum for each stage

Screening students through multiple programs and activities.

Learning from Experts.

Introducing to the world of Science Research.

Interaction with Research Community.

Science Exhibition participations.

Individual and Group Science Projects.

Publishing Research Articles.

Reverse engineering.

Camps, Workshops and Field Visits

Patronage for invention and innovation.


Institutional Excellence Programme

The project aims at overall development of Colleges and other educational institutions. Support will be provided for quality enhancement in terms of both academic and non-academic domains.
Institution specific action will be implemented based on a diagnostic study on each domain.