D C G C (Diploma in Career Guidance and Counselling)

Institute of Social Development Studies offer diploma course in Career Guidance and Counselling. The course contains principles, concepts, and theories of social interventions for career development. It also foster practical insight about guiding the younger generation towards the pursuits of excellence by equipping with multiple skill sets needed for a career counselor.

Course Details

One year (2 semester), two days contact class in a month.


School/college teachers, counsellors,Youth leaders, Social workers, Trainers and all graduates who are interested in the field of career guidance and counselling with a university degree in any subjects

Course highlights
  • 30 hours contact class per semester
  • 20 hours practical per semester as per the convenience
  • Excellent faculties/guest faculties
  • Distance mod and course material supplied in advance.


SAFA (Supported Active Foster Assistance)

A mission to make positive intervention in the widow family units to empower them for improving their total quality of life with special focus on the development of proper education , career and character of their children. Taking up the welfare of the family as responsibility of the SAFA project, the CIGI has joined hands with various department and agencies to fulfill its duties towards the society.


SAGE (Social Action for Grassroots Empowerment)

Social Action for Grassroots Empowerment (SAGE) is the outcome of the concerted effort of CIGI to develop an empirical model to integrate backward communities including minorities into the process of national development and social main stream. The project aims at the total transformation of socially and economically deprived groups through a systematic intervention. As education and employment are two crucial parameters of development, the project mainly focused on these two, among the identified target group.