Career Guidance and Counseling is the golden wing of CIGI which has an accomplished history of guiding more than 3 million students for the last 22 years. It has also been taking up many academic activities which has been helping the student community in India and abroad like study camps, seminars and workshops. Career Guidance wing, identifies the inner traits of the aspirants by its exclusive Differential Aptitude Test and provide consultation with expert Career Counselors. CIGI trained career guidance team help the students for online application, option registration of professional courses and applications for various scholarships..etc.


Project Components:
  • Free career guidance
  • Career database management system
  • Peer career guidance wings
  • Career masters forum
  • Career lectures
  • Career booths
  • Career exhibitions
  • Career pamphlets
  • C-talk video series



C DAT – A psychometric test tool standardized by CIGI under IRT frame work for identifying inner potential and aptitude .It is a non-competitive advance psychometric assessment pioneered by CIGI. Beneficiary -feedback has proved that CDAT is the right tool to identify the basic inherent capacity of high school and higher secondary students. Over one lack students from southern states in India and GCC countries have used CDAT successfully to decide their higher studies and career.



CIGI organize and conduct residential/ non-residential camps to sharpen the potentiality of students for academic and nonacademic excellence in special focus on character building. Our programs are …..

  • Summer camps
  • Expa yathra for keralite students from Gulf countries
  • Expa Kerala for students in Kerala of expatriate parents
  • Total improvement programs for students and youth
  • Theme specific career camps for students and youth