CIGI Thematic Areas

  1. Educational and Career Empowerment

    Focusing on mainstreaming the educationally and economically backward communities with the core theme "popularization & ruralization of career empowerment for nation development, CIGI is implementing various educational and career empowerment programs. Embarked from career counseling and career awareness programs, it has traveled forward through popular career street shows and exhibitions in every nook and corner of Kerala and moved ahead with facilitating Local Self Governments in imparting quality education at public institutions

  2. Employability Skill Development

    To prepare rural youth to get access into various career entries in both public and private sectors, CIGI is conducting competency development programs and developing resource banks. People benefited from these programs were placed at various reputed position ranging from Last Grade to Civil Service.

  3. Grassroots Social Development

    Grassroots social development is the focal theme of CIGI right from its inception. Towards achieving this goal CIGI has developed many inclusive intervention models which have been created remarkable impacts. CIGI was successful in developing a wide network of grassroots civil society movements producing meaningful contributions towards nation building. The Action Research projects executed by our R&D had given a scientific base to the grassroots development initiations. As a part of improving human resource base for sustaining the social development initiatives, CIGI is imparting various knowledge sharing workshops on social consceintization, development need analysis, techniques of community organizing, project planning etc.

  4. Social and Educational Researches

    Faculty of Research and Analysis is a unique blend of well known researchers and scholars from different disciplines like Sociology, Social work, Economics, Statistics, Psychology, Education etc. FRA of CIGI has conducted various research studies on Social Inclusion, Education and Psychometrics, and has developed various empirical models of community development; educational quality improvement and career related standardized psychometric tools.

  5. Orphan Rehabilitation

    Death of a parent doesn't necessarily make one orphan in real life. But death of parental care makes one orphan. Children sheltered in the orphanages are deprived of warmth and affection of parental figures. Most of the orphanage inmates are left inside the walls of orphanages and confined to limited life exposure that makes them unfit to compete with pace of modern era. In order to change these situations, we are implementing projects focused on improving the service delivery capacity of existing orphanages and creating a harmonious cordial living environment for the orphans. We also works towards grooming selected orphans to become the gems of the society who can contribute significantly in the main stream development of the nation

  6. Fortifying Expatriates Life

    The life-blood flows through the veins of Kerala are the returns by expatriates. But in expatriates life they are unable to be with family at crucial times of life that makes emotional disturbance and non belongingness between them and their family members. CIGI has innovated and started implementing a strategy to tackle these problems through equipping and emboldening the expatriates and their family to face the challenges.

  7. Enhancing Women's Lives

    CIGI believes if human survival is the world's most pressing problem and if women are crucial to that survival, then the empowerment of women is essential for the emergence of new, creative and cooperative solution. Empowerment of women is critical component in the empowerment of society. By educating a woman we are actually educating a family. Towards helping the women to groom up their worth and uniqueness, we are imparting lifelong learning facilities.

  8. Proactive Youth Force for National Integration

    CIGI pledges to foster and support youth initiatives and involvement in progressive efforts of grassroots development. Thousands of youth and several youth organization have been trained and mentored to become catalysts of social changes which lead to national integration.

  9. Leadership Effectiveness at Grassroots

    A community cannot be developed until and unless a development oriented perspective is not created in the mindset of local leadership. CIGI strives to enable the local leaders with critical outlook and increased capacity of facilitating positive changes at grassroots.

  10. Knowledge Lab for Life Enrichment

    The knowledge for making human life hale and hearty is being developed everyday around world. But few year back it was inaccessible for the laymen. CIGI has played a vital role in creating access to various life grooming knowledge and services. Now we have a cream layer of eminent trainers internationally acclaimed in Transactional Analysis, Neuro Linguistic Programming etc. In this journey of sharing knowledge we could organize and host international Conference of South Asian Association of Transactional Analysts in 2010