CIGI Profile

CIGI Headquarters

Centre for Information and Guidance India (CIGI) – one of Kerala’s major nonprofit organizations, has crossed the milestone of 19 years of committed efforts towards grassroots social development. CIGI has quite a number of historic moments which gives us reminiscences of our hard but sweet journey during these years.
Our interventions in the educational and social fields especially among the downtrodden have drastically changed the scenario and have been widely accepted.
The decade long interventions have brought tremendous growth among Kerala’s major backward sects. CIGI has extended its reach to 2.5 million beneficiaries including students of backward communities, rural women, youth, social organizations, grassroots communities and local Government bodies through its various empowerment projects and schemes. The project ‘Vijayabheri’ initiated by CIGI, on behalf of Local Self-Government bodies has made remarkable changes on quality performance

Founder & President
Dr. K. M. Abubacker
of public educational institutions. Faculty of Research and Analysis of CIGI initiated many research studies on educational and social backwardness of grassroots and several inclusive actions were deployed, which has created many empirical practices. Another achievement of CIGI is its strong and unique bouquet of refined and tuned human resource including researchers, scholars, developmental professionals, trainers, volunteers etc.

Grassroots social development is the focal theme of CIGI right from its inception. CIGI has developed knowledge tools for enabling civil society organizations to assess their needs scientifically and to execute remedial actions. CIGI’s mission is to popularize the scientific knowledge and methods of social development and to fine tune human resource at grassroots to initiate progressive movements towards nation building. Thousands of committed trained volunteers have been associating with CIGI in many social amenities.