In an era of information explosion, it seems ridiculous to worry about knowledge scarcity. The key issue is how to gather high quality and relevant information for a particular project out of the bunch of information that are usually entwined with both rich and junk materials. Thus, the bifurcation and management of knowledge becomes a vital task by which you can obtain standard research materials As the amount of available data grows exponentially, the problem of managing the information becomes more complex, which can lead to information overload and inescapably to zero utility.   Since knowledge management (KM) is now a vital part in the quest for organizing knowledge, it is imperative to ensure that you are equipped with the indispensable materials on a particular subject, project or areas of interests. So, much time and effort will not be wasted struggling to free from substandard and misconceived information.  

 In this background, CIGI Knowledge Management Centre(KMC) is set up to cater futuristic needs of knowledge production