Students Training for Excellent Performance – STEP

  • Step is a unique project on move focusing orphan students in the state. It identified meritorious students from orphanages and conduct series of sequential workshops and mentoring to plan their career and step up in their life. More than 200 orphanages have been involving in the process and around 2000 meritorious students benefited.

Leadership Effectiveness

  • Leadership Effectiveness Is an ongoing project designed and implemented by committed resource persons of CIGI, with commendable results. It aims at exposing Khateebs/Muallims to modern education, computer literacy, life skill training, art of mentoring and counseling/ psychological counseling and motivating them to proactively involve in their Mahal affairs rather than remaining within the mosques. It is a happy augury that several Khateebs/Muallims have realized the social significance of Leadership Effectiveness and are coming forward to participate actively irrespective of organizational affiliations. The successful participants of the training play vital role in facilitating harmonious co-existence of communities in a pluralistic society unveiling their unexplored potentials in the service of humanity